Why the Cloud

At BanaBoom, we made the decision to launch a unique, efficient and flexible experience for Floor Covering professionals. By utilizing all of the capabilities and benefits available to contemporary Cloud computing, our mission has been to provide our clients with a single secure, efficient and cost effective solution. These principles in turn are allowing our clients to provide a engaging business experience to their customers and buyers.

What Really is “The Cloud

The notion of “The Cloud” can be a very confusing nomenclature. Those software vendors who originally launched their platforms as “On Premise” (with server hardware residing at the customer’s location), may try to confuse their customers. Often, they will even claim to be “Cloud Based”, though in reality only provide a costly “Hosted Solution”. They simply install each customer’s data on expensive server hardware residing at a different location. In this case, they pass the cost back to the customer in the form of a “Hosting Charge”.

Their customers are not receiving the benefits of a “Native Cloud”. Natively running on a web browser, cloud solutions should offer its customers: Flexibility, Scalability, Security, Mobility and an exceptional User-Experience.

Why BanaBoom’s Approach is Important

At BanaBoom, we launched our company in a “True” Native Cloud platform. Every design consideration had the User’s Experience (UX) in mind and the robust capabilities of the cloud available. BanaBoom was Multi-Platform and Mobile from its first launch, running on any device (eg. iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, etc), wherever our customers are doing business.

Why a Native Cloud Solution

Our customers sellers work flexibly, in their buyer’s homes, in their showrooms, on the road and any place in-between with Internet connectivity. This flexibility allows them to truly provide a delightful buyer experience.

By being native to the cloud, our customers experience exceptional ease-of-use. Their BanaBoom solution is flexible and configurable to their unique needs. BanaBoom allows them to scale or adjust their usage depending on need. Their critical data is secure, backed up and free from natural disasters, virus and cyber attack. BanaBoom provides automatic upgrades, with no business disruption or hassle. Additionally, as a native cloud solution, BanaBoom is easily integrated with the most desirable modern day business solutions: eSignature, ePayments, CRM, Accounting, Vendor BtoB, Measure Tools and etc.

Now You Have a Choice

Being a native Cloud solution, BanaBoom is flexible to support customers from “Super Big” to smaller, family owned enterprise. If your solution does not meet all of these descriptions, it is likely not a Native Cloud platform and you may consider speaking with a member of BanaBoom.

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