BanaBoom Quote to Order

Sales People who value the customer experience require a Quote to Order function which is: Easy to Use, Process Based and a Single Source of all information required to win business and service their customers.  

Sales User Experience

BanaBoom Quote to Order function is a dynamic User Experience (UX) embracing innovative features and built in processes to ensure Sales People are at their best all the time.

  • As a fully integrated solution, Sales People have at their finger tips: Contact, Product, Inventory, Installer Schedules, Purchase Order Status and Customer Payment.  
  • BanaBoom Quote to Order also offers: Imbedded Notes, Document Attachments, and all the buyer Financial Information necessary to address any design or status inquiry.

Looking Your Best

Floor Covering Retailers require a feature rich-solution when designing and configuring a customer ready proposal. For this reason, BanaBoom thoughtfully built flexibility into configuring Quotes and Orders.  

  • BanaBoom makes it simple for a Sales Person to flexibly design a unique product solution in concert with their customer.  
  • This flexibility allows the Sales Person to easily re-sequence line-items and display only line-item details relevant to the Quote.  
  • The result is a clear and understandable Quote or Order, demystifying the customers buying decision.

Full Featured Quote to Order

BanaBoom also considered the Sales Person when including Costing and Margin Analysis.  This information is available to the Seller in a “drill-down” detailed manner, or simply “hover-over” as not to interrupt the valuable customer facing experience.

With BanaBoom, your Sales People are also able to: Email Quotes and Orders as well as capture eSignature and ePayment via Docusign or other modern eSignature/ ePayment applications.

Why Not BanaBoom

BanaBoom’s combination of: Ease of use, innovative features, mobile design, and modern integrations with Email, eSignature and ePayment, enables your Sales People to Design, Quote and Close business anywhere from the Showroom to the Living Room.

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