BanaBoom Depth of Functionality

Vendor Order Managment

Floor Covering Retailers require feature-rich Vendor Purchasing capabilities which are also fully functional and easy-to-use. BanaBoom delivers both a streamlined process and full integration across the floor covering suite. 

Job Costing is less burdensome in BanaBoom, where the native process “optionally” leads the back-office user directly to Accounts Payables, where the vendor invoice can subsequently be either “flagged” or “processed”.  This type of innovative thought optimizes back-office efficiency, while improving accounting quality and accuracy.

Full Suite of Accounting Functions

BanaBoom provides a fully integrated back-end solution, including Accounting.  By integrating the full functions of: Banking, Payables, Customer Receivables, and Payroll in a single integrated solution, BanaBoom places the business back in the hands of the Store Owner.

Accounting enables real-time integration with BanaBoom Reporting and Charts Engine to allow dynamic analysis of: Profit Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Tax Liability and much more….

Installer Management

BanaBoom understands that your customers often measure their satisfaction, not on the materials themselves, but on the ultimate installed experience.  As Store Owners ourselves, we also realize this experience includes the Timeliness, Quality and Reliability of the installation.  

BanaBoom integrates a robust Installer Scheduling function, allowing easy management and visible status of each installation project. Additionally, Installer Managment is embedded in your Sales Persons Order View, so they have all the information at their finger tips. 

Product Management

BanaBoom is designed with flexibility for supporting the complexity of modern Floor Covering Products, Inventory and their relationships.  

BanaBoom’s intelligent data architecture is engineered to support unique Product Categories, Attributes and Related Products.

Store Owners are able to easily customize imports of their favorite Floor Covering Vendor Product and Price List data to keep up with dynamic market trends and competitive pricing.

Contact Management

Floor Covering experts interact with thousands of individuals though the years.  These contacts are not only customers, but also Vendors, Sub-Contractors, Installers, Designers and many others.

BanaBoom simplifies Contact Capture and Management by providing configurable Contact Types.  Contact Types can be optionally configured to capture unique data through the Use of BanaBoom’s Custom Fields and Groups.

Additionally, BanaBoom simplifies “Address” Capture and Edit through a native integration with Google Maps, where BanaBoom users enter a few significant characters, and Google Maps geo positioning intelligence provides the rest.  

Why Not BanaBoom

BanaBoom’s combination of: Ease of use, innovative features, mobile design, and modern integrations with Email, eSignature and ePayment, enables your Sales People to Design, Quote and Close business anywhere from the Showroom to the Living Room.

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