BanaBoom Flexible Cloud Platform

Security is Mission Critical

System Security for cloud based floor covering automation software

BanaBoom is architected natively in the Cloud, with Security the single most important principle.  Our customers data is securely housed and backed up on a contemporary and industry leading Cloud platform, free from natural disasters, virus and cyber attack

  • User level Security ensures only those with a need to access functions, fields or data are able.  
  • User level Traceability allows business owners to know exactly when and who made additions and changes.

Multi Platform and Mobile

Todays floor covering customers are conditioned to research and shop “When they want and Wherever they choose“.  To meet the demands of these contemporary buyers, Floor Covering Experts are now required to services their clients anywhere…”From the Showroom, to the Living Room, any everywhere in-between“.

  • We modeled BanaBoom around these customer expectations by launching a true Multi-Platform and Mobile solution.  
  • Your Sales People can now travel to the home: design, quote, close orders, capture signature and collect payment…all in a single visit.
  • When your customers call, email or otherwise connect, you can now service their needs remotely and immediately with BanaBoom.

Ease of Administration

Administration of your application needs to be robust, flexible and easy-to-use.  Business and User Administration should not rely on a programmer or your vendor for “every day” application changes. At BanaBoom, we designed the solution with your Admins time in mind.

  • BanaBoom is developed with Native Floor Covering Processes to help simplify and optimize your teams efficiency.
  • The solution is also designed with intuitive administration tools, allowing you to easily configure and support your business’ unique business rules, nomenclature, processes and branding.

Flexible Rules Engine

At BanaBoom, we recognize how you price and calculate commissions needs too be unique to you, while flexible enough to support multiple variations.

  • Pricing Rules Engine by BanaBoom, empowers your store with flexibility, easy-to-maintain, 1:N Pricing and Commission Rules permutations. These rules fully integrate with Product Types, Product Costing, Shipping, Company Margin Load and all other floor covering centric Price/ Cost Business Values.
  • Commissions Rules Engine is architected to support 1:N formulas.  Commission formulas can range from the most simple, to a complex “Tiered” sales incentive calculation.

Real-Time Business Decision Making

Retail floor covering is a competitive and ever changing landscape. Store owners require “looking forward” visibility into their business, with access to Accurate and Real-Time information about: transaction volumes, products, profits, and other leading indicators for success.

  • BanaBoom Native Reports and Charts provide business owners all the flexibility to proactively track the metrics which they value the most.
  • BanaBoom Custom Reporting Engine allows store owners and users to configure custom reports and dashboards for any scenario they wish to track, analyze or investigate.

Why Not BanaBoom

BanaBoom’s combination of: Ease of use, innovative features, mobile design, and modern integrations with Email, eSignature and ePayment, enables your Sales People to Design, Quote and Close business anywhere from the Showroom to the Living Room.

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